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Alfa Chemistry has accumulated strong expertise in the preparation and synthesis of quantum dots through a wide range of catalog products. Over the years, we have also provided a full range of customized synthesis services for global customers. We can handle difficult chemical synthesis projects, and can communicate with customers quickly and clearly.


Graphene oxide quantum dots (GO QDs) are zero-dimensional (0D) oxygen-rich (hydroxyl, epoxy and carboxyl-containing) carbon-based materials characterized by a graphitic plane composed of single or double layers, which are typically<2 nm in thickness and have lateral dimensions not exceeding 10 nm. GQDs exhibit the phenomena of quantum confinement and edge effects; this phenomenon bestows them with exceptional physico-chemical properties. These features have made GO QDs suitable materials for application in the catalytic removal of organic pollutants and dyes, adsorption of heavy metals, filtration of organic pollutants and in the disinfection of microbes.

However, there are huge differences in the sizes, shapes, and surfaces of GO QDs prepared through different methods. The product yield of GO QDs using current preparation methods is still considerably low (mostly<10%). In addition, the reported quantum yields of GO QDs are very low (2% to 22.9% compared to other traditional semiconductor materials.

Benefits of functionalized graphene oxide quantum dots

Functionalization methods of GO QDs include chemical functionalization, anchoring reactive groups, heteroatom doping and formation of heterojunctions with other nanomaterials. Functionalization of GO QDs provides a broad scope of benefits to enhance the physico-chemical properties.

1. Oxygen-containing groups provide high solubility and facilitate further surface functionalization

2. Improve the dispersion in aqueous solution and provides better interfacing with other materials

3. Increase the affinity of GO QD to the surface of other nanoparticles during conjugation

4. Optimizes electronic interaction between GO QDs and other nanomaterials in heterojunction conjugations

5. Improve electron and hole transport in electrolyte and device stability

6. Increase photocatalytic activity in photocatalytic reactions due to slowing down of electron-hole recombination

7. Reduce the size-dependent bandgap to cover the whole solar radiation spectrum


Modification services of customized graphene oxide quantum dots include:

  • Doping with atom (B, P, Ag, N, S and Cl)
  • Surface modification (diamines, thiols, ionic liquids, glutathione (GSH), polyethyleneimine (PEI))
  • Conjugation

Service principle

Alfa Chemistry will always stick to the target of high quality, good faith, unique brand and long-term development.

The company philosophy is that customer demand is the direction of our struggle.

Advantage of our services

  • The national technology platform and an excellent team of experts.
  • High-quality services and products at competitive prices.
  • Timely report on project progress.
  • Convenient and efficient transportation service.


  • Photocatalyst
  • Removal of emerging pollutants
  • Removal of organic dyes
  • Antifouling and antimicrobial properties
  • Removal of heavy metals

Customized product process

Custom GO Quantum Dots

Alfa Chemistry provides comprehensive and flexible quantum dots and quantum dot modification services. Our innovative techniques coupled with our large collection of products allow us to tackle your project to save your time and effort. If you require any further information, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to working together to meet your goals.

* It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.


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