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Custom Heteroatom Doped Graphene Quantum Dots


As a supplier of quantum dot products, Alfa Chemistry has long been committed to researching novel quantum dots and developing solutions for quantum dot products. Since the current fluorescence quantum yield of graphene quantum dots is not high and the active sites are relatively few, after doping some heteroatoms, its performance can be effectively improved. Alfa chemistry is able to provide customers with the most comprehensive products and services based on the existing plans, combined with the most advanced product test plans of scientific research.

Custom heteroatom doped graphene quantum dots


Graphene quantum dots (GQDs) have the characteristics of good water solubility, biocompatibility, chemical inertness, light stability and adjustable luminescence properties, and have attractive application prospects in many fields such as materials, environment, and life sciences. But the disadvantage is that the currently synthesized GQDs have problems such as high fluorescence quantum yield, relatively few active sites, and poor selectivity. These defects severely limit the wide application of GQDs. After the graphene structure inside GQDs is chemically doped with heteroatoms, the charge density and bandwidth energy gap of the entire conjugate plane will be effectively adjusted, thereby changing the electron flow density and transition mode, and then achieving its physical and chemical properties (fluorescence quantum production). The adjustment of efficiency, optical properties, reaction activity, catalytic performance, etc.) has expanded the application range of GQDs.


Alfa Chemistry has an advanced quantum dot research laboratory with professional technology, experienced personnel and advanced equipment. Our services focus on customizing hetero-atom doped graphene quantum dots, as well as related product solutions and product testing, to ensure that the optimized products can meet the expected requirements. We can provide excellent optimization services, including but not limited to:

  • Boron-doped Graphene Quantum Dots (B-GQDs)
  • Silicon-doped Graphene Quantum Dots (Si-GQDs)
  • Nitrogen-doped Graphene Quantum Dots (N-GQDs)
  • Sulfur-doped Graphene Quantum Dots (S-GQDs)
  • Selenium Graphene Quantum Dots (Se-GQDs)
  • Diatomic Doped GQDs

How do custom hetero-atom doped graphene quantum dots work?

The preparation methods of heteroatom-doped GQDs can be divided into top-down and bottom-up methods. At present, the doping of GQDs is doped with single heteroatoms such as B, N, and S, as well as B & N, N&S, N & P and other two different ways of doping at the same time.

Advantage of our services

  • Advanced laboratory equipment
  • We have a professional team and equipment to optimize the preparation process and materials.

  • Reliable
  • The researchers have many years of experience to ensure the standardization of experimental operations and procedures.

  • Short time, high efficiency
  • We provide our customers with the most comprehensive service at an efficient speed.

  • Safety
  • All experiments were conducted under a confidentiality agreement, with emphasis on customer privacy.

Applications of our services

  • Bioanalysis
  • Detection of heavy metal ions
  • Detection of small molecules in environmental pollution
  • Catalyst
  • Optoelectronic equipment

Customized product process

Customized product process

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* It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.


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