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Custom MOS2 Quantum Dots Based on Detection DFP


Custom MOS2 	Quantum Dots Based on Detection DFP

As a professional manufacturer of quantum dots, Alfa Chemistry continuously introduces new products and expands new applications. We can customize quantum dots as well as solutions for our MoS2 quantum dot peroxidase activity regulation colorimetric detection of thalassaemia treatment drug desferidone.


The monodisperse MoS2 QDs in aqueous solution only showed very weak horseradish peroxidase-like activity. Fe3+ can induce a certain degree of agglomeration of quantum dots and increase the particle size, resulting in a significant increase in its peroxidase-like activity However, the small molecule chelating agent deferiprone (DFP) can selectively coordinate with Fe3+, thereby effectively inhibiting the aggregation behavior of MoS2 QDs and the enhancement of enzyme-like activity, and this inhibitory effect is in a certain range with the concentration of DFP The relationship is proportional within. Based on this principle, this paper further constructs a new method of colorimetric detection of DFP. DFP is the first oral drug widely used to treat congenital hematological diseases (such as thalassemia major). It has the advantages of easy administration, small adverse reactions, high blood-brain barrier permeability, low price, and high patient compliance. Compared with the current main methods for quantitative detection of DFP, such as fluorescence, electrochemistry, high performance liquid chromatography, liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry, etc., the DFP colorimetric detection method based on the reversible adjustment of nanoenzyme activity is simple, fast and selective The advantages of high performance and low cost are applied to the quality control of DFP in medicines.


Alfa Chemistry offers comprehensive quantum dots modification services to meet any research need. Our scientific team is dedicated to helping our customers choose and optimize the quantum dots, as well as modification approach for each project. Our services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Custom Monodisperse MoS2 QDs
  • Product Solution

Mechanism of MoS2 QDs-like enzyme activity regulation

The regulation mechanism of Fe3+/DFP on the peroxidase activity of MoS2 QDs: (1) MoS2 QDs are obtained by reducing ammonium tetrathiomolybdate by glucose, and at the same time, glucose is oxidized to gluconic acid to make the surface of QDs carry a large number of carboxyl groups. (2) Fe3+ is easy to coordinate with the carboxyl groups on the surface of MoS2 QDs, and induce their aggregation in the solution. Compared with the monodisperse MoS2 QDs, although the specific surface area of the aggregated QDs is reduced after Fe3+ is added, it has a stronger affinity with the substrate TMB and H2O2, which can accelerate the decomposition of H2O2 and produce a large amount of ∙OH the surface of the material. ∙OH accelerates the conversion of TMB to oxTMB, and exhibits an aggregation-induced peroxidase-like activity enhancement effect. (3) Because DFP has a stronger coordination effect with Fe3+, it can form a more stable form at a ratio of 3:1 Therefore, it greatly inhibits the aggregation effect of Fe3+ on MoS2 QDs and reduces the activity of similar enzymes. In summary, Fe3+ can significantly increase the activity of enzyme-like enzymes by selectively inducing the aggregation of MoS2 QDs, while DFP inhibits the catalytic activity of the aggregation-enhanced enzyme-like enzymes through stronger competition with Fe3+, thereby realizing MoS2 QDs-like activity. Effective regulation of oxidase activity.

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