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Data Analysis Services


Data Analysis Services

Alfa chemistry analysis and testing service is the core of our scientific research and development solutions, and is a way to solve industrial production. Our company is committed to developing solutions for quantum dot products, providing products as well as product testing services and analysis services. The data analysis service of quantum dots is based on the above data test, please provide enough information about quantum dot products to conduct sufficient analysis and research.


Alfa Chemistry provides professional data analysis services. Our professional and reliable team can provide customers with scientific and standardized test reports. The company provides the following services:

  • TEM Data Analysis
  • TEM data analysis can be used to calibrate lattice spacing and diffraction pattern. The analysis method is mainly based on the literature and the accumulated knowledge of crystallography and electron microscopy.

  • Conventional XRD Data Analysis
  • Conventional XRD data analysis can be used to calculate crystallinity, grain size, phase identification, crystal plane labeling, and whole rock/clay analysis.

  • Other Data Analysis Requirements
  • You can contact us according to your personal requirements, and we will contact relevant analysts according to your specific requirements to conduct data analysis for you.

Data requirements

Each type of data that needs to be analyzed has its own specific requirements. Our following requirements are based on the content of the service:

  • Data requirements for TEM
  • Please try your best to provide the original file in DM3 format and the PDF card corresponding to the XRD data, high-quality high-resolution images.

  • Data requirements for XRD
  • The fastest test rate is 2°/min. Too fast will affect the test analysis results. Generally, the lower test rate, the higher the accuracy of the obtained spectrum.

  • Requirements for other data
  • Such data requirements are determined according to the customer's own requirements, please contact us for specific requirements.

When you need our services, please contact us first, get the data request and then provide the data, lest we can't use your data to get the most scientific analysis.

Advantages of our services

  • Reliable
  • The researchers have many years of experience to ensure the standardization of experimental operations and procedures.

  • Short time, high efficiency
  • We provide our customers with the most comprehensive service at an efficient speed.

  • Safety
  • All experiments were conducted under a confidentiality agreement, with emphasis on customer privacy.

  • Competitive price
  • Our prices are very competitive for our services.

What you need to know before you test

  • Before you need our analysis services, please read our data requirements first, and then provide the corresponding data.
  • Data analysis is based on the test data you give. If you need more accurate analysis, please contact our analysts to provide more comprehensive data.

Testing workflow

  • Contact us to obtain test data requirements
  • Send test data to us
  • Our professional analysts conduct data analysis
  • Send data analysis reports to customers

Alfa Chemistry provides you with a full range of services, so that you can get the most professional, the most suitable service.

Our customer service representatives are enthusiastic and trustworthy 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday. If you are interested in our services, please contact us.

* It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.


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