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Formulation Engineering


Formulation Engineering

Alfa Chemistry is committed to bringing innovative quantum dot technologies to life. Discover how fast, simple and accurate you can apply our product technology to research. We are leading in the field of quantum dots and can bring you the right product solutions for your products and applications.

Formulation engineering is one of our core competencies at Alfa Chemistry, facilitating product integration solutions for perovskite quantum dots and enabling us to help electronics manufacturers overcome tomorrow's innovation challenges. We have developed a variety of standard combinations of different formulations, and in a variety of markets, such as OLED and quantum dot displays, as well as solar cells processed by the solution, have exceeded customer expectations.

Our formula engineering qualification is a problem-solving mentality and a commitment to overall service. When the established products cannot be achieved, we provide customized formulas with special material flexibility and full control of product parameters. Particle composition, size, hydrodynamic diameter and purity can all be customized according to your unique specifications. Chemical products can be customized according to requirements.

Then, we guarantee robust material screening to determine the best affinity between particles and solutions to ensure shelf life of more than one year and full processing capacity on your production line.


Quantum dots have a wide range of uses, such as blue lasers, light sensing components, single electron transistors (single electron transistors, SET), memory storage, catalysts, quantum computing (quantum computing) and even televisions, etc., and they are more used in medical treatment. Various quantum dots with different emission wavelengths are made into fluorescent labels, which become nano-barcodes for biological detection.

Alfa Chemistry's production facilities have been upgraded to enable formulation engineering on a multi-ton scale. We can assist in the development of suitable nanoparticle formulations and provide reliable, repeatable, commercial-scale production, when you are satisfied with your customized formulation. This greatly shortens the time to market for products to justify the investment. If you want to know more, or if you want to request a customized formula, please contact us.

* It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.


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