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Material Processing


Material Processing

Alfa Chemistry is committed to bringing innovative quantum dot technologies to life. Discover how fast, simple and accurate you can apply our product technology to research. We are leading in the field of quantum dots and can bring you the right product solutions for your products and applications.

Innovation and diversification in recent years have changed the processing of materials in the electronics industry. This basic process includes a wide range of potential deposition and processing methods, as well as countless potential chemical combinations of the main raw materials used in printed electronics. In terms of material processing in the optoelectronic market, there is an embarrassment of wealth. However, manufacturing constraints, commercial capabilities, scale of production, and various end-use requirements continue to limit the materials and processing technologies available to electronics manufacturers.

Alfa Chemistry specializes in the synthesis of electronic nanoparticle formulations for commercial scale production. This requires unique attention to detail, which goes beyond our expertise in nanotechnology and formulation chemistry.

We can assist in the development of initial proof-of-concept formulations to adapt to any commercial production technology; from inkjet, slot die and screen printing to more specialized technologies such as spin coating and squeegee. Once the appropriate Alfa Chemistry product is diagnosed and customized according to your unique requirements, the formula supply can be upgraded to multi-ton batches, suitable for any roll-to-roll material processing technology. This customized approach ensures that all Alfa Chemistry customers receive the perfect product.

All Alfa Chemistry nanoparticle formulations are designed to reduce manufacturing expenses without limiting the end user functionality of the device. We can also assist in the processing of challenging substrate materials to ensure that your production line is equipped for today's products in the future.

If you want more information, or you want to apply for customized quantum dots, please contact us.

* It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.


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