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Morphology Control


PbSe quantum dots have various morphologies, including PbSe nanocubes, nanorods, nanoflowers, star-shaped, branched and so on. The morphology of PbSe quantum dots can be adjusted by changing the types of surface ligands, adjusting the growth temperature, and using different lead sources and selenium source precursors. Alfa Chemistry is committed to providing corresponding services for the full range of quantum dots, and through professional teams and technologies, to provide customers with PbSe quantum dots with specific morphologies.


Alfa chemistry is at the forefront of quantum dot technology and can regulate the morphology of quantum dots to meet customer requirements. At the same time, the PbSe quantum dots synthesized by customers can also be tested for morphology. Customers can also perform morphological analysis of their quantum dots if they want. Our current services include the following:

  • Testing Services
  • Mechanism Analysis Service

Since the morphology of quantum dot is related to its performance, if the customer is not clear about the required morphology, please contact our customer service personnel in time, they will communicate with professional researchers to develop the most appropriate and feasible product solution for you. Of course, if you meet all kinds of questions during the product synthesis, you can directly send an email or put forward questions to us on the website, and our staff will deal with these information instruments to help you.

The advantages of our services

  • State-of-the-art facility State-of-the-art facilities
  • Comprehensive development and continuous update of morphology control methods
  • Ready to start your project once the contract is signed
  • Fast tracking of product progress for urgent project requirements

Quality assurance

Establish quality system procedures for overall quality management from product realization planning, raw material control, process control, product release, after-sales service, etc., and continue to update the quality management system.

Quality control

Advanced analysis equipment, professional analysts, and perfect operation SOP provide guarantee for the quality of Alfa chemistry products.

Material control: supplier audit → site monitoring → raw material and product monitoring release

Testing equipment

  • X-ray powder diffractometer (XRD)
  • Scanning electron microscope (SEM)
  • Transmission electron microscope (TEM)
  • Uv-visible spectrophotometer (UV-Vis)

Why choose us?

As a professional quantum dot service platform, we have the most advanced instruments and professional quantum dot researchers to provide you with:

  • The specific morphology of PbSe quantum dots you requested.
  • Quality is guaranteed, we have a very strict quality assurance system.

Standard service process

  • Send us an email with the morphology requirements of the quantum dots
  • Make plans and experiment
  • Quality control of samples testing
  • Test report and product plan are mailed back to customer

Standard service process

Alfa Chemistry provides you with a full range of services, from email sending, list your requirements, to delivery scheme, so that you can get the most professional, the most suitable service.

Our customer service representatives are enthusiastic and trustworthy 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday. If you are interested in our services, please contact us.

* It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.


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