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Perovskite quantum dots are semiconductor nanocrystals. Compared with metal chalcogenide quantum dots, perovskite quantum dots are more tolerant of defects, have excellent photoluminescence quantum yield and higher color purity.

Perovskite nanocrystals are an important nanomaterial. Specifically, nanocrystals are 1 to 10 nanometer-sized fragments of corresponding large crystals, which are usually synthesized and processed as a solution type. It is usually found that the characteristics of nanocrystals are related to the size for the following reasons:

Their inherent physical dimensions are comparable to the critical dimensions of many important properties of a class of functional materials, such as the wavelength of the electronic wave function, the diameter of photogenerated excitons, and the domain size of a magnetic single domain.

Their larger surface area to volume atomic ratio changes the chemical potential of the structural unit relative to the corresponding bulk crystals, which directly leads to the strong size-dependent solubility of nanocrystals.

There are size-related structures in the nanometer range, including electronic band structures, surface structures and reconstructions, as well as unique crystal structures.

This feature of different sizes, coupled with solution-based processability, makes quantum dots attractive for many applications, including photoconversion (converting blue light into the redder part of the spectrum), biomarking and imaging, and solar cells. Development, lighting and display. The size and composition of quantum dots can be manipulated to create any range of emission spectra in the visible light region.

The light-emitting properties of quantum dots include photoluminescence and electroluminescence, in which photons and electrons respectively make quantum dots emit light. The electroluminescence properties of quantum dots allow the production of QLED materials, which can be used to make various displays and devices. This is just one way to use their nanomaterials to help the industry move into the future.

Alfa Chemistry is committed to providing the highest quality quantum dots, made by a variety of specific green synthesis methods, and providing quantum dots with various ingredients and solvents. All of our quantum dots exhibit excellent size distribution, emission, brightness and purity, thus realizing their full potential.

* It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.


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