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Product Description

CdSe quantum dots (QDs) are generally produced by simultaneous injection of cadmium (Cd) and selenium (Se) precursor solutions into an octadecene growth solution heated in an ambient atmosphere. Once bound, Se and Cd form CdSe clusters that become continuously growing QDs as the reaction proceeds. Alfa Chemistry offers water- and oil-soluble CdSe quantum dots that are often used as biological and chemical probes for basic research such as cellular localization and imaging, chemical detection, and clinical diagnostics.


Solar Cells

CdSe quantum dots are narrow-band semiconductor materials with unique physical structure, which exhibit excellent photovoltaic properties. CdSe quantum dots can reduce the surface defects of CdSe particles, improve the luminescence characteristics and enhance the stability through doping, surface modification and fabrication of quantum dot composite structures. The narrow-band CdSe quantum dots can be used as a better quantum dot sensitizer, which can strongly absorb photon energy in the visible region and transfer photogenerated charges to other broad-band materials to achieve fast and effective photoelectric transfer in solar cells, so that the open-circuit voltage (Voc), short-circuit current density (Jsc) and fill factor (FF) parameters of the cell are greatly improved.

CdSe Quantum Dots

Nanoparticle Drug Carrier

Antimicrobial peptides are highly effective and broad-spectrum antimicrobial agents that act on pathogens through different mechanisms of action with potential antibacterial activity and are expected to be novel drugs for the treatment of drug-resistant bacteria. The combination of antimicrobial peptides and quantum dots can improve the effectiveness of both groups of compounds, since the modification of quantum dots with antimicrobial peptides externally greatly improved their stability, and the antimicrobial peptide inhibition activity was also found to be improved. The antimicrobial peptides as well as CdSe and AP-CdSe NPs were characterized by UV spectrophotometer and fluorescence photometer.


CdSe quantum dots were modified onto the surface of gold electrode t  o obtain CdSe quantum dots modified electrode (CdSe/GE), and their electrochemiluminescence properties were investigated. The results showed that the electrochemiluminescence of luminol was sensitized by CdSe/GE in strong alkaline medium, and the addition of folic acid to this luminescence system produced a further enhanced electrochemiluminescence signal, thus establishing a new method for the detection of folic acid by electrochemiluminescence. The effects of conditions such as pH of buffer solution, concentration of luminol and sweep speed on the intensity of electrochemiluminescence were investigated and used for the determination of folic acid in commercially available folic acid tablets.

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