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Product Description

Alfa Chemistry offers CdSe/ZnS core/shell quantum dots in solid form as highly purified quantum dots in the wavelength range of 520 nm-620 nm that can be dispersed in most non-polar organic solvents. Due to the extremely low organic impurity content, these quantum dots are specifically designed as emitters for optoelectronic applications such as displays and solid-state lighting.

Protocol to Make QD Solutions

1. Weigh desired amount of the Quantum Dot Powder and put it in a glass vial;

2. Add desired amount of the solvent, i.e. toluene, chloroform, hexane and so on. (mostly non-polar organic solvents) in the vial and shake the vial;

3. If there is any solid left in the vial after shaking, sonicate the vial for 30~60 s to get the quantum dot powder well dispersed.

4. If required dilute the solution further.

Storage Conditions: Material has a shelf life of around 3 years if stored properly. Store at room temperature; do not freeze. Should not be exposed to extreme temperatures.


Solar Cells

Baek et al. implemented the concept of energy downshifting to absorb more UV light using CdSe/ZnS core/shell quantum dots (QDs) on p-type silicon solar cells.The CdSe/ZnS core/shell QDs showed clear evidence of energy downshifting by absorbing UV light and emitting green photoluminescence signal at 542 nm wavelength. Implementation of 0.2 wt% (8.8 nm QDs layer) of green-emitting CdSe/ZnS core/shell QDs reduced the surface reflectance of the textured surface with SiNX films on silicon solar cells from 27% to 15% and increased the external quantum efficiency (EQE) of silicon solar cells in the UV band to about 30%, resulting in a p-type silicon solar cell power conversion efficiency ( PCE) was improved by 5.5%.

Fig. 1 Design of energy-down-shift using CdSe/ZnS core/shell QDs on a silicon solar-cell. (Baek et al, 2014)Fig. 1 Design of energy-down-shift using CdSe/ZnS core/shell QDs on a silicon solar-cell. (Baek et al, 2014)

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