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Alfa Chemistry offers Cu:ZnInS/ZnS quantum dots as hydrophobic core-shell structured nanocrystals without cadmium with a core of copper indium zinc sulfide and an outer core of zinc sulfide. The spectral emission of Cu:ZnInS/ZnS quantum dots ranges from 480 nanometers (nm) to 700 nanometers (nm) wavelengths. If the list does not contain the quantum dots you need, you can contact us and our professional team can customize the quantum dots for you to facilitate your scientific research.


Cell Imaging

Selvaraj et al. synthesized lipophilic (Cu)ZnInS (core)-ZnS (shell) core/shell quantum dots (QDs) without Cd by heating (core) and thermal injection (shell) methods with different core and shell thicknesses. The effects of copper ion doping (core) and shell growth on the structural and optical properties of (Cu)ZnInS-ZnS core/shell QDs are reported. The addition of copper ions leads to the transformation of the crystalline phase of the ZnS ternary alloy to the wurtzite Cu-Zn-In-S quaternary alloy. The core QDs of the (Cu)ZnInS alloy are wrapped by a ZnS shell with a wider band gap with a gradient interface. The photoluminescence of the (Cu)ZnInS core QDs exhibits tunable multicolor emission from green (535 nm) to deep red (683 nm) with a large Stokes shift. After the growth of the ZnS layer, the position of the PL peak and the absorption edge undergo a transparent color shift, and the photoluminescence quantum yield is enhanced to 47.31% due to the partial cation exchange of Cu+ and In3+ with Zn2+, producing a graded core/shell structure with a smooth potential interface. The radiative excited state lifetime was extended from 22.91 ns to 291.11 ns. Mercaptodecanoic acid (MUA)-functionalized QDs have been successfully used for in vitro fluorescence cell imaging of HEK-293 and HeLa cells. These QDs are cell-permeable and suitable for visible light-induced multicolor fluorescent cell imaging.

Schematic diagram of (Cu)ZnInS/ZnS core/shell nanocrystals for cell optical imaging.Fig.1 Schematic diagram of (Cu)ZnInS/ZnS core/shell nanocrystals for cell optical imaging. (Selvaraj et al., 2018)

Light-emitting Diodes

Yuan et al. reported the fabrication of efficient white light-emitting diodes (WLEDs) based on Cu: ZnInS/ZnS core/shell quantum dots (QDs) with an extra-large Stokes shift. Compositionally controllable Cu: ZnInS/ZnS QDs with emission colors that can be tuned from deep red to green were prepared by a one-pot non-injection synthesis method. High-performance Cu: ZnInS QD-WLEDs were successfully fabricated by integrating red and green Cu: ZnInS QD-WLEDs with a color rendering index of 96, luminous efficacy of 70-78 lm W-1, and color temperature of 3800-5760K. By measuring the photoluminescence lifetime of the QDs, it is clear that the energy transfer between the Cu-doped QDs is minimal, which is consistent with the QD The small spectral overlap between emission and absorption is consistent.

TEM images of G-Cu : ZnInS/ZnS (3.3 nm) (a) and R-Cu : ZnInS/ZnS (3.9 nm) (b) core/shell QDs.Fig.2 TEM images of G-Cu : ZnInS/ZnS (3.3 nm) (a) and R-Cu : ZnInS/ZnS (3.9 nm) (b) core/shell QDs. (Yuan et al., 2014)

Alfa Chemistry can provide a variety of complex and customized core-shell fluorescent quantum dot products. Our products involve a variety of fluorescent quantum dot products. Alfa Chemistry provides products with high fluorescence quantum yield, stable quality and relatively low price. Our products are constantly updated. If the product you need is not in our catalog, please feel free to contact us, we provide relevant custom services.


  1. Selvaraj, J. , et al. Colloidal Gradated Alloyed (Cu)ZnInS/ZnS Core/Shell Nanocrystals with Tunable Optical Properties for Live Cell Optical Imaging[J]. ChemistrySelect, 2018, 3(21):5993-6008.
  2. Yuan, Xi , et al. Efficient white light emitting diodes based on Cu-doped ZnInS/ZnS core/shell quantum dots[J]. Nanotechnology, 2014, 25(43):435202.
* It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.


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