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Oil Dispersible Perovskite Quantum Dots


Product Description

The oil dispersible perovskite quantum dot product is a fluorescent nanomaterial with CsPbX3 (X=Cl,Br,I), the surface is covered by hydrophobic ligands, the average quantum yield is 70%, the solvent is n-hexane, water. Isolated for use as with oxygen, the product should be handled in a glove box during storage. Avoid direct sunlight and keep in a dry environment. 4℃ sealed and stored away from light. The product can be customized from 400 nm to 640 nm at any wavelength and different concentrations. The product has the characteristics of uniform particle size, wide absorption spectrum, narrow and symmetrical emission spectrum, high and stable fluorescence intensity. It can be used in liquid crystal display, light emitting diode, solar cell, light emitting device and bio-fluorescent labeling.

Technical Parameters

Particle size: 10~12 nm (TEM)
Average PLQY: ~70%
Emission wavelength: 400-640 nm adjustable
Concentration: 10 mg/mL
Solvent: n-hexane
Preparation method: Hot injection method


Shi et al. prepared oil-soluble all-inorganic perovskite quantum dots by high-temperature injection, which could maintain good optical properties in toluene solvent. Toluene as a nonpolar nonprotonic solvent can improve the nucleophilic ability of chloride ions in basic yellow. Mixing the perovskite quantum dots with basic yellow in toluene can induce the exchange of halogen ions with C in CsPbBrl2 QDs, resulting in a blue shift of the fluorescence emission peaks of CsPbBrl2 QDs and a gradual transition of the fluorescence from red to yellow, green and blue under UV lamps. Based on the degree of fluorescence emission peak shift caused by the halogen exchange reaction, the amount of basic yellow can be quantified. A fluorescence colorimetric analysis method based on fluorescent perovskite nanomaterials was developed for the determination of alkaline yellow in foodstuffs, in order to broaden the research idea for the real-time detection of alkaline yellow in the field. This method is accurate and convenient for the rapid detection of alkaline yellow dyes in food and beverages.

Morphology characterization of CsPbBrlx QDs.Fig.1 Morphology characterization of CsPbBrlx QDs. (Shi, 2021)

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  1. Shi L. X., et al. Determination of basic yellow in food by fluorescence colorimetry based on perovskite nanomaterials. Journal of Food Safety & Quality, 2021, 12(9):7.
  2. Qian, Y., et al. Decorating fiber nanotip with single perovskite quantum dot and other luminescent nanocrystals synthesized in oil-phase. Nanotechnology, 2017.
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