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Product Description

Alfa Chemistry offers PbS quantum dots with large Bohr radii, allowing easy preparation of nanoparticles with significant quantum effects. Due to their excellent nonlinear optical properties, suitable forbidden band widths, the electron energy bands span the infrared spectral region from 800 to 1600 nm and completely overlap with PbS quantum dots. The PbS quantum dots prepared by the patented technology have large Bohr radius and significant quantum effect. The emission spectra of quantum dots can cover the near-infrared wavelength range. They are easy to mass produce and have excellent properties such as narrow size range, high color purity and good stability.

Advantages of Our Products

Our PbS quantum dots have large wave radius (18 nm), narrow forbidden band width (0.41 eV), symmetrical energy band structure, good photoconductivity, large dielectric constant, wide absorption spectrum and high absorption coefficient, narrow size range, high color purity, and good stability.


Lead Sulfide Solar Cells

Currently, the best lead sulfide (PbS) colloidal quantum dot (CQD) solar cells are mainly demonstrated in np structures, while pn structures are significantly less developed. this technology gap between np and pn structures is much more pronounced than for other solution-processable photovoltaic technologies such as chalcogenides and polymers. A new scalable fabrication strategy is proposed for high-efficiency PbS QD solar cells with pn structures. Industrially suitable blade coating techniques have been used to deposit n-type and p-type QD layers. The obtained solar cells show a power conversion efficiency of 9%, thus comparable to the efficiency of recording devices with this architecture fabricated using non-scalable techniques.

Efficient P-N junction lead sulfide quantum dot solar cell.Fig.1 Efficient P-N junction lead sulfide quantum dot solar cell. (Goossens, 2021)

Fiber Lasers

PbS quantum dots with strong quantum confinement effects are used to generate stable, broadband-tunable ultrafast mode-locked fiber lasers using the resulting broadband absorption. Tunable output spectra range from 1530 nm to 1560 nm. This broadband mode-locked device is ideal for ultrafast pulse sources covering a wide spectral range for applications such as optical sensing, biomedical diagnostics, metrology, time-resolved measurements, and spectroscopy.

Schematic of the soliton fiber laser.Fig.2 Schematic of the soliton fiber laser. (Yun, 2021)

Our products are constantly updated. If the product you need is not in our catalog, please feel free to contact us, we provide relevant custom services.


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