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Product Description

Lead sulfide core-type quantum dots have a fully crystalline inorganic core and are organically stabilized with an oleic acid coating, which gives them surface hydrophobic properties. Alfa Chemistry offers lead sulfide core-shell quantum dots in sizes ranging from 2.5 to 8 nm, and at these small sizes the material behaves differently, giving the quantum dots unprecedented tunability. Their high quantum yields, sharp emission and exhibit narrow fluorescence bands (full width at half maximum <100 nm) make them suitable as light absorbers or infrared emitters in solar cells, photodetectors and infrared light emitting diode (LED) applications. We can provide quantum dots at wavelengths of 900-1600 nm, and can also customize products to meet customer requirements.

Product Features

Accurate Composition


Quantum Dots Solar Cells

PbS quantum dots are a promising nanostructured material for solar cells. In order to obtain the maximum current density of PbS quantum dots solar cells, the optimized active layer thickness was estimated by Matlab simulation. On this basis, a QD photovoltaic device with high performance and low cost is fabricated by using the simulated optimized active layer thickness. The device prepared by spin-coating method is more efficient than that prepared by drip casting method. Spin-coated PbS quantum dots solar cells provide a 6.5% power conversion efficiency (PCE) for the AM1.5 spectrum.

(a) Schematic diagram and (b) energy level diagram of the PbS quantum dot (QD) photovoltaic device.Fig. 1 (a) Schematic diagram and (b) energy level diagram of the PbS quantum dot (QD) photovoltaic device. (Jobeda, 2019)

Quantum Dot Saturable Absorber

PbS Core-type quantum dots are nanocrystals made of semiconductors with exciton Bohr radius of 18 nm and body band gap of 410 meV. A low-cost colloidal quantum dot device is experimentally investigated as SA in the near-infrared wavelength range for a compact, all-fiber, Q-switched EDF laser. Colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals are synthesized from precursor compounds dissolved in solution, much like a traditional wet chemical process. The absorption wavelength of the material can be adjusted to match the wavelength of Er3+ radiation, and it is suitable for SA in EDF laser.

Our products are constantly updated. If the product you need is not in our catalog, please feel free to contact us, we provide relevant custom services.


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  2. Lee, Yin Wen , et al. Passively Q-switched Er3+-doped fiber lasers using colloidal PbS quantum dot saturable absorber. Optics Express 24.10(2016):10675.
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