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Quantum dots in the field of biology, especially in the field of quantitative biological detection applications, due to the complex and variable detection environment, biomarkers and detection of quantum dots on the stability, sensitivity and accuracy of detection requirements are extremely high, also, therefore, the existing quantum dot materials are unable to meet the corresponding index requirements. As a kind of fluorescent microsphere, quantum dot microsphere assembles the luminescent material quantum dots with nano-scale to micron-scale microspheres with functional groups on the surface, so as to achieve the protection of quantum dots, easy surface modification and signal amplification, which can well make up for the problems of insufficient signal strength and poor detection repeatability of single quantum dots in the detection process, therefore, quantum dot microspheres are widely used in labeling, detection, tracing, immunomedicine and other fields. Alfa Chemistry is committed to applying quantum dots and their microspheres in a wide range of fields such as in vitro diagnostics and scientific research, providing high quality quantum dots and quantum dot fluorescent microspheres, as well as professional customization services and downstream integrated application solutions, so that customers can get the products at a very low cost and in a very short time.


Immunochromatographic Test Strips

Kong et al. developed an immunochromatographic test strip for rapid screening of brucellosis in the field, using quantum dot fluorescent microspheres as tracers, covalently coupled with Brucella outer membrane protein OMP22, and sprayed monoclonal antibodies against Brucella outer membrane protein OMP28 and OMP22 on a nitrocellulose membrane as detection and quality control lines, respectively, to assemble the test strip. The results showed that the maximum dilution of the quantum dot fluorescent microsphere test strips was 1:512, the sensitivity and specificity of the test strips were 99% and 98% for detecting Brucella positive sera, and the compliance rate with the tiger red plate agglutination test (RBPT) was 99%. There was no cross-reactivity with sera for tuberculosis, bluetongue, viral diarrhea, foot-and-mouth disease and peste des petits ruminants. The results showed that the quantum dot fluorescent microsphere immunochromatographic strips are fast, sensitive, specific and low cost, and suitable for field screening of brucellosis.

Test results of strip specificity.Fig. 1 Test results of strip specificity. (Kong, 2020)
(A, B: Serum of brucellosis; C: Bovine of tuberculosis; D-G: Serum of bluetongue, viral diarrhea, foot-and-mouth disease and peste des petits ruminants, respectively.)

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  1. Kong, Y. F., et al. Establishment of a quantum dots fluorescent microspheres based immunochromatographic strip for detection of the antibodies against brucellosis. Chinese Veterinary Science, 2020, 50(5):5.
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