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Surface Modification InP/ZnS Quantum Dots


Product Description

Surface modified InP/ZnS quantum dots are made by special groups with good biocompatibility, small non-specific adsorption, high quantum yield, high molar extinction coefficient, stable optical properties and narrow emission spectra. Quantum dots are easy to couple with biomolecules (antibodies, proteins, nucleic acids, etc.).

Alfa Chemistry offers different types of surface-modified InP/ZnS quantum dots, including:

InP/ZnS-MPA-COOH quantum dots are 3-mercaptopropionic acid (MPA)-functionalized InP/ZnS core/shell quantum dots with emission peaks ranging from 540 nm to 690 nm.

InP/ZnS-PEG-COOH quantum dots are carboxy PEG functionalized InP/ZnS core/shell quantum dots with emission peaks ranging from 540 nm to 690 nm.

InP/ZnS-PEG-NH2 quantum dots are amino PEG functionalized InP/ZnS core/shell QDs with emission peaks ranging from 540 nm to 690 nm.

We can also provide InP/ZnS quantum dots with different surface groups, solvents, concentrations and other emission wavelengths according to customer requirements.

Advantages of the Products

Quantum dots offer several advantages over conventional dye molecules. Inorganic microcrystals can withstand multiple excitations and photoemissions, while organic molecules break down. The long-lasting stability allows researchers to observe cells and tissues for longer periods of time and to make interfacial modification connections without difficulty. The biggest benefit of quantum dots is the abundance of color. While the complexity of biological systems often requires the simultaneous observation of several components, which require different wavelengths of light to excite if dye-based molecules are used for staining, quantum dots do not have this problem, using nanocrystals of different sizes (and thus colors) to label different biomolecules. The use of a single light source allows the different particles to be monitored instantly. The special optical properties of quantum dots make them extremely promising for research in biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, genomics, proteomics, drug screening, biomolecular interactions, etc.


High Sensitivity Cell Imaging
Photovoltaic Devices
Drug Delivery
Solar Cell

Alfa Chemistry is a leading supplier of quantum dots for optoelectronics, biotechnology and other applications and helps customers improve the performance of their products. Our products are constantly updated. If the product you need is not in our catalog, please feel free to contact us, we provide relevant custom services.


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* It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.


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