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Water Soluble CdTe/ZnS/CdS Quantum Dots

Product Description

Alfa Chemistry provides water soluble CdTe/ZnS/CdS quantum dot products are CdTe as the core, ZnS and CdS as the shell layer, the surface is wrapped by hydrophilic ligands core/shell/shell type fluorescent nanomaterials. Storage should avoid direct sunlight, 4 degrees sealed dark storage, can be customized for customers to produce 515-615 nm any wavelength of different grams of products. The product has the characteristics of uniform particle size, broad absorption spectrum, symmetric emission spectrum, high and stable fluorescence intensity.

Water Soluble CdTe/ZnS/CdS Quantum Dots

Advantages of Quantum Dot Applications

(1) The emission spectrum of quantum dots can be controlled by changing the size of quantum dots. By changing the size of the quantum dot and its chemical composition, its emission spectrum can cover the entire visible light region.

(2) Quantum dots have good photostability. Quantum dots allow long-term observations of labeled objects, which also provide a powerful tool for studying long-term interactions between biomolecules in cells.

(3) Quantum dots have broad excitation spectrum and narrow emission spectrum. Using the same excitation light source, quantum dots with different particle sizes can be simultaneously detected, so they can be used for multicolor labeling, which greatly promotes the application in fluorescent labeling.

(4) Good biocompatibility. After various chemical modifications, quantum dots can be specifically linked, with low cytotoxicity and little harm to organisms, and can be labeled and detected in living organisms.

Water Soluble CdTe/ZnS/CdS Quantum Dots

Alfa Chemistry can provide a variety of complex and customized fluorescent quantum dot products. Our products involve a variety of fluorescent quantum dot products. Alfa Chemistry provides products with high fluorescence quantum yield, stable quality and relatively low price. Our products are constantly updated. If the product you need is not in our catalog, please feel free to contact us, we provide relevant custom services.

* It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.


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