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Quantum Dot Fluorescent Probe for pH Measurement Services


Quantum Dot Fluorescent Probe for pH Measurement Services

Alfa Chemistry has been working hard to bring a wide range of services to customers around the world. We have top technical professionals who constantly update quantum dot products and corresponding quantum dot services. In order to provide better services, our research methods and vision are more far-reaching, the purpose is to bring the most advanced technology products and corresponding services to customers.


The surface structure of quantum dots has a strong sensitivity to pH, so people often use its response to pH to study the changes in pH of biological systems. Quantum dots are made into fluorescent probes that can be used to detect the pH value of the virus and the pH value in the water phase. The quantum dots usually used as pH response are concentrated in Cd quantum dots, but because of their certain toxicity to biological systems, and the steady-state fluorescence spectroscopy is unstable due to the influence of factors such as concentration, non-toxic quantum dots are used ZnSe quantum dots, such as ZnSe quantum dots, have low biological toxicity and good biocompatibility, and are suitable for use in biological systems. In detection, the quantum dot pH value fluorescent probe has the highest sensitivity in the pH range of 6-8, and this pH range is very suitable for living organisms. The quenching of the quantum dot fluorescence probe by the colleague's metal ions is a static quenching, which will not affect its fluorescence lifetime.


The quantum dot service platform can formulate specialized solutions and technical support for you. By choosing our services, you will get the most scientific and comprehensive quantum dot information. Our current services are as follows:

  • Custom Quantum Dot pH Value Fluorescent Probe
  • Professional Fluorescent Probe Testing Services

The prepared quantum dot fluorescent probe uses glutathione as the ligand. Customers can seek technical support from us according to their own needs, and also can provide the prepared quantum dots with us for detection. Our professional instruments and equipment can bring you a comprehensive service.

Why choose us?

  • First of all, the quantum dots we provide are lead and cadmium free and non-toxic to organisms.
  • Secondly, our quantum dots have the best sensitivity at pH 6-8 and are very suitable as pH fluorescence probes in biological systems.

Advantages of our services

  • Years of experience and experience in customized solutions.
  • Experienced experimental technicians, exquisite experimental operation level, strict experimental control system, fast delivery cycle of data results, while ensuring that the test results are objective and reliable.
  • Complete instrument platform, high standard laboratory, higher sensitivity, more accurate detection data.
  • Competitive price.

Service process

The process of services includes:

  • Communicate with us and email us
  • Propose the required quantum dot fluorescent probe or solution
  • Performance test of fluorescent probe
  • Feedback of test report and product solution to customer

Service process

Our customer service representatives are enthusiastic and trustworthy 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to discuss in detail, if you are interested in our services.

* It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.


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