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Quantum Dot Immunofluorescence Detection Services


Quantum Dot Immunofluorescence Detection Services

As a new type of immunoassay technology, fluorescence immunochromatography technology not only retains the advantages of on-site rapid detection of traditional colloidal gold test strips, but also adds the high sensitivity characteristics of fluorescence detection technology, which has become the main way to improve the detection performance of immunochromatography methods. one. With many years of experience and knowledge, Alfa Chemistry provides customers with high-quality, customized quantum dot services to support their research projects. The quantum dot customization service provided by Alfa Chemistry is standardized, and experimental programs can be designed according to different project requirements of customers.


Fluorescence immunochromatography technology is a new type of membrane detection technology based on the specific immune response of antigen and antibody. This technology uses the strip fiber chromatography material fixed with the detection line (coated antibody or coated antigen) and the quality control line (anti-antibody) as the stationary phase, the test solution is the mobile phase, and the fluorescently labeled antibody or antigen is fixed on the connection pad , The analyte moves on the chromatographic strip through capillary action. For macromolecular antigens (proteins, viruses, pathogenic bacteria, etc.) with multiple antigenic determinants, the "sandwich" double-antibody sandwich immunochromatography method is usually used, that is, the test substance is first labeled with fluorescence under the action of the mobile phase The antibody binds, and when it reaches the detection line, it combines with the coated antibody to form a "sandwich" type of double antibody sandwich. For small molecule antigens with only a single epitope (agricultural and veterinary drugs, banned drugs, etc.), after the small molecule antigen to be tested is combined with a fluorescently labeled antibody, it is difficult to bind to the coated antibody on the detection line due to steric hindrance. Therefore, small molecules with a single epitope are mostly detected by competitive immunochromatography. Quantum Dots (QDs) are a kind of semiconductor fluorescent nanoparticles, usually with a diameter between 1-20 nm, and are generally composed of II-VI or III-V elements. Compared with organic dye fluorescent labeling materials, quantum dots have large Stokes shift, wide excitation spectrum, narrow emission spectrum, strong and stable fluorescence emission intensity, high quantum yield, and photobleaching resistance. They have become a new hot spot in the field of analysis and detection. The sensitivity of the quantum dot fluorescence immunochromatographic method is higher than that of the colloidal gold immunochromatographic system.


We focus on providing customers with high-quality services. Our professional team, with relevant professional masters, doctors and other research talents, can provide you with first-class experimental solutions. Our services include but are not limited to the following:

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* It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.


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