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Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) Services


Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) Services

Scanning electron microscope (SEM) is the use of secondary electron and electron back scattering signal, by vacuum electron beam system and imaging system for measurement of various physical and chemical properties of sample information, such as the morphology of crystal structure of electronic structure and the internal electric field or magnetic field, such as an analytical instruments, with the improvement of scientific and technological level, its magnification with a resolution of hundreds of thousands of times, it is an extremely important tool in the field of morphology and composition analysis.

What do we offer?

Specific items that Alfa Chemistry can offer SEM test are:

  • Morphology
  • The instrument ranges in magnification from 100 times to 200,000 times.

  • The SEM energy spectrum can generally only measure elements after C (including C). If you need to capture the energy spectrum, you need to note the test position and which elements are displayed in the energy spectrum. It should be noted that the element to be tested cannot overlap with the base composition during sample preparation. If you want to measure the C/Si element, the sample should not be dispersed on the C/Si-containing substrate, but can be dispersed on the silicon wafer/tin foil.

  • Gold-Plated
  • In order to ensure the shooting effect, the general conductive poor or strong magnetic samples need to be gold-plated after shooting.

Sample requirements

  • Powder, liquid, film and block can be tested. The powder sample is about 10mg, and the block sample requires length and width ≤1cm, and thickness ≤1cm.
  • The sample is required to be non-toxic, non-radioactive, dry and non-polluting, good in thermal stability, and resistant to electron beam bombardment.

Sample preparation required

According to the status of the sample, the preparation can be divided into the following three parts:

  • Block
  • Directly use conductive adhesive to test on the sample table. If block/film cross section is needed, the section preparation method should be clear. Generally, scissors cutting and liquid nitrogen brittle fracture can be provided.

  • Liquid
  • Take the ultrasonic suspension of the sample with a pipette gun, drop a drop on the silicon wafer or tinfoil, dry naturally/infrared lamp, and then stick the silicon wafer or tinfoil on the sample table with conductive adhesive for testing.

  • Powder
  • Directly glued to the sample table with conductive adhesive test; Or ethanol dispersion preparation: take a small amount of samples in the centrifuge tube, add a certain amount of anhydrous ethanol (or water), ultrasound at room temperature for 5-10min, and then adopt the two-liquid preparation method for sample preparation and test.

Advantages of our services

  • One-stop test platform, from sample preparation to test data and analysis, we include every part.
  • Reliable scientific research personnel ensure the standardization of experimental practice.
  • Short time, high efficiency.
  • The most competitive price.

Testing workflow

  • Communicate with us and send samples to us
  • Put forward the test sample requirements
  • The laboratory department conducts analytical tests
  • Send data reports and analysis to customers

Testing workflow

Our customer service representatives are enthusiastic and trustworthy 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday. If you are interested in our services, please contact us.

* It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.


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