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As a quantum dot service platform, Alfa Chemistry can provide medical testing services in addition to quantum dot products. For cancer detection services, we have a variety of technical means, combined with the characteristics of each quantum dot, to be applied to the detection of different cancer indications. Moreover, the research in this field is always in progress. choose and trust us, we will bring you convenience.


Tumor is a major disease that endangers human health and affects lifespan. Tumor screening is an important way to detect cancer and precancerous lesions early. However, most tumor markers are only related to a specific tumor and have low specificity. Therefore, multiple detection of tumor markers to improve diagnostic sensitivity and specificity is of great significance to tumor diagnosis. The new technology based on quantum dots is expected to realize early detection and early treatment of clinical tumors.


Alfa Chemistry cooperates with medical research institutions to bring advanced technical means. Our services cover a variety of different cancer indications, specific services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Tumor Marker Detection
  • Tumor Mutation Gene Detection

Detection technology

  • New immunochromatographic test paper method labeled with multicolor quantum dots
  • Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) is considered to be the most commonly used tumor marker for primary liver cancer, and carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) is a broad-spectrum tumor marker. The detection method is to combine two-color quantum dots with AFP antibody and CEA antibody are constructed into fluorescent probes, and the serum AFP and CEA can be quantitatively detected by immunochromatographic test strip method. AFP and CEA can be detected within 15 mi, and the sensitivity can reach 3 ng/mL and 2 ng/mL, respectively.

  • Graphite phase carbon nitride quantum dots
  • BRCA1 gene has an important role in inhibiting the occurrence of malignant tumors, regulating cell replication and repairing damaged DNA. Graphite phase carbon nitride quantum dots, as the emitter of electrochemiluminescence, show good analytical performance in BRCA1 gene detection. The linear range is 1 fmol/L~1 nmol/L, the detection limit is 0.83 fmol/L, and the method is simple. Low price, suitable for screening of high-risk groups, providing an effective and accurate detection method for early prediction and diagnosis of breast cancer.

  • Oligonucleotide functionalized quantum dot optical detection method
  • The TMPRSS2-ERG fusion gene is used as a predictive marker for prostate cancer and can be used to assess the characteristics of prostate cancer. A method for optical detection of TMPRSS2-ERG fusion genes in urine using oligo-functionalized quantum dots and magnetic particles, which can simultaneously detect 3 different types of TMPRSS2-ERG fusion genes in urine samples, with a detection limit of 1 fmol/ L.

What needs customer attention

  • Choose the right non-toxic quantum dots
  • The low "flicker" phenomenon and the "light brightening" effect of quantum dots
  • The "flicker" phenomenon refers to the random transition between the emission state and the non-emission state of the quantum dot, which causes its fluorescence to flicker, which affects the detection of a single quantum dot; Continuous excitation, the fluorescence intensity of quantum dots will gradually increase, affecting quantitative detection.

The advantages of our service

  • State-of-the-art facilities
  • Fully developed and improved detection methods
  • You can start your project after signing the contract
  • Fast and traceable testing services for emergency project needs

Detection service process

Detection service process

Our customer service representatives are enthusiastic and trustworthy 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to discuss in detail, if you are interested in our services.

* It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.


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